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help you do...

Let me help you discover your true path, and support you as you throw yourself into the experience of your life.



help you do...

Let me help you discover your true path, and support you as you throw yourself into the experience of your life.

Feel free

We dream of escape and of taking flight, of navigating our own path through open skies and of living happily ever after. Yet we often feel powerless to make it happen. We know that we need to change something, but feel so disconnected from our free selves that we’re not even sure what we actually want. My book, FREEDOM SEEKER: Live more. Worry Less. Do what you love. is an invitation to sift through those thoughts and feelings to find your way out.

In the course of writing this book I talked to hundreds of people in my community to understand their cages, how they coped and, crucially, how they got out. I also analysed my experiences of incarceration and escape, digging deep for commonalities and recurring themes.

In reverse engineering all these stories, here’s what I discovered: Every cage has a door. Every door has a lock. You just need to find the key. It’s that simple. At any time, you have the power to set yourself free.

There is a very clear pattern to escape – it appears in every single story, in every single situation, with every single person – and it led me to identify a set of eight principles that I call ‘the Freedom Keys’, which can unlock the door of any cage. You’ll find these Freedom Keys inside the book, and they might just change everything.

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You might also like this free e-book ‘FREE: An invitation for living more and worrying less‘, published as a gift to you to celebrate the launch of Freedom Seeker.

Explore happiness

Join my brand new online course ‘How to be happy (+ calm, organized + focused)The course will run for four weeks from May 22.

It’s almost impossible to go after what you want, get it, and enjoy the journey, unless you are calm, organized and focused. This brand new course will show you the way.

If you are caught up in the busy-ness, exhausted, feeling the stress and wanting some respite from the noise, this four week course will be a tonic for you. ‘How to be Happy (Calm, Organized + Focused)’ will give you the clarity and quiet confidence you need to give wings to your dreams. It will help you ‘sort your life out’ before you actually sort your life out.

By the end of this four week online class you will feel more calm, more organized, and more able to focus on what you really want. You will be able to access that uplifting feeling of happiness anytime you want, regardless of what is going on in your life.

In it I’ll be sharing:

  • Insight into how I organize my super busy life to get so much done, including writing a book in six months whilst running a business and raising two children
  • How to stay calm when everything around you is going crazy (most of the time, right?)
  • How to organise your email (including the one action that literally changed my life)
  • My specific strategies for getting stuff done
  • Downloadable done-for-you templates for creating the most effective to-do lists around, and a host of other downloadable goodies to help you get on top of everything
  • Loads of life hacks, including tips for decluttering, handy apps, my favourite stationery and more

Find out more and register here via Do What You Love.

Live more + worry less

We all want to believe that we play a role in the way our lives unfold, and manifest our own happiness, right? But sometimes it’s hard.

Sometimes we get caught up in the busyness of life, in the pressures and the stress, the demands on our time and our energy, the constant bills.

Sometimes we are pulled in so many directions, giving and giving at every turn, that we don’t have anything left to cultivate our own lives.

Sometimes it feels like we are operating at two speeds, simultaneously.

On one hand we’re running so fast it feels like life is flashing by, we’re missing some of the most precious moments, and everything is such a blur we aren’t even sure where we’re heading. Our heads are full of worries and to-do lists and reminders that there’s little space for dreaming.

And on the other hand, it feels like we’re stuck in a rut, with no momentum, frankly no energy some days, knowing we want to change things, but not knowing where to start.

That’s why I’ve created a free video series for you called Live More, Worry Less. Just click here and fill in the form to begin today.

Do what you love

My transformational online course Do What You Love is about re-opening doors that you thought were locked shut… re-opening possibilities that you thought were long gone… and illuminating possibilities you never knew existed. In over six years of running this course, I have helped people all over the world to switch careers, start their own businesses, build happier relationships, explore their creativity and discover how grateful they are for all they already have. Do What You Love: the e-course has been described countless times as ‘life-changing’. Discover the magic for yourself here.

I also offer a host of free tools here on my website to help you begin your journey towards doing what you love. Explore them here.

I also offer a masterclass in how to share your own knowledge and experience online in ‘Reach. Teach. Profit. The E-Course Creation Masterclass.’ Find out more here.

And if it’s a creative career you want, explore some of the classes I have co-created as co-founder of MakeArtThatSells.com and MakeItInDesign.com.

Find your tribe

Your flock – your community or tribe – is probably different to your long-standing circle of friends. Although both offer friendship, they play very different roles in your life.

You don’t need to discard your old friends to make space for the new ones. Old friends can be a real blessing if you are trying to remember who you used to be, and if they truly want the best for you.

But if you are trying to escape from an old version of you, letting go of old stories and blossoming into something else, then old friends can hold you back. Sometimes it’s more convenient or comfortable for them if you stay the same. They may love you dearly but try to clip your wings, ostensibly so you don’t stumble, but actually so you don’t fly the nest.

That’s why having people who get it, and get you, are so important.

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