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Explore Japan’s 72 microseasons

with me on Instagram


There are 72 microseasons in the classical Japanese calendar, each lasting around 5 days.

Join me as I use these to prompt 72 wellness checkins over the coming year. Every five days or so, in rhythm with this ancient calendar, I am doing my own wellness check-in on Instagram, sharing what is going on in my life, and invite you to answer a specific question related to your own wellbeing.

It’s free and easy – just follow me @bethkempton on Instagram to get these beautiful, regular reminders to take care of yourself.

Find out more about Japan’s 72 microseasons in my new book Wabi Sabi: Japanese wisdom for a perfectly imperfect life (with access to free private group coaching sessions with me if you pre-order before August 30 – find out more and book your spot here).

I also highly recommend the 72 seasons app, and Liza Dalby’s gorgeous memoir ‘East Wind Melts The Ice‘ which is a diary across the seasons.