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Brave stories, ractionable advice + great conversations.

Welcome to Season 2!

The Freedom Seeker Chronicles is an elixir for the ears. A podcast to help you find your path and light the way, with inspiring guests from the fields of self care, adventure, conscious living, and creative business.

You can listen to all the interviews from Series 1 and 2 below, or on iTunes here. I will be back in late Autumn 2018 with a new series, once I have moved house and found a new recording studio! In the meantime if you have any great ideas for podcast guests for the next series, please feel free to send them to me: hello [at] bethkempton [dot] com

Your host, Beth Xx

PS When Series 2 went live, my book ‘Wabi Sabi: Japanese wisdom for a perfect life‘ was not yet out, but it is now! You can get it here.

Kelsey Murphy


On changing your life, fifteen minutes at a time

Big dreams take time, and sometimes can feel overwhelming. Today’s guest shares how we can achieve anything when we focus on it for fifteen minutes at a time.
Kelsey Murphy is a career strategist, certified life coach and founder of Whiskey and Work. Previously the Advertising Director for Nintendo and Elizabeth Arden, she now works with people all over the world to help them create a more fulfilling career and life. Some of her clients include the management of Facebook, Apple and TOMS. She’s also a snowboarder, a dreamer and a fresh air addict, and her positivity is contagious.


Kate Eckman


On body confidence and bringing the joy!

Kate Eckman is a model, QVC TV presenter, motivational speaker and all-round joy bringer. She lights up every room she enters. Well-versed in the competitive side of a career in modelling and TV presenting, Kate is knows a lot about body confidence and self-compassion. She’s passionate about helping others face up to their fears, own their stories and be comfortable in their own skin.

We talk about confidence, dealing with comparison and encouraging self compassion.

Listen in, you’re in for a treat…

Kelly Rae Roberts + Mati Rose McDonough


On life, art-making, friendship and all the things

For many many people, living a creative life, and making their living that way, is a dream. For today’s guests Kelly Rae Roberts and Mati Rose McDonough, it’s the life path they have chosen. It hasn’t always been easy, but their friendship has played a huge part in keeping them inspired and motivated through the good times and the tough times.

I am especially delighted to have them on the show, together, because of the pivotal role they have played in my life. Get yourself a cuppa and pull up a chair. You’ll feel like you are round the kitchen table with these inspiring ladies…

Brandon Evans


On thriving getting lost and finding purpose

What happens when you chase financial success, achieve it and then realise that things don’t feel quite as good as you thought they would? Brandon Evans is the CEO and co-founder of 1Heart, a conscious start-up studio who found out the answer the hard way.

Brandon previously built two $100 million companies, but after achieving financial success, he woke up one day lost and began a spiritual journey which he chronicled in his first Medium article entitled, ‘Lost on purpose’. That went instantly viral and he has since founded 1Heart with his best friend, with the goal of helping entrepreneurs to find their path and build conscious companies.

I talked to Brandon about finding real meaning, and keeping it real.

Lilla Rogers


On thriving in a creative career

Lilla Rogers is one of the world’s top art agents, who happens to be both a badass businesswoman and a deeply intuitive spiritual person. Lilla is a brilliant example of blending the two, and she trusts much of her three decades of success to trusting her gut.

Lilla’s love for art led her to a hugely successful illustration career in New York in the 1980s, but it’s the entrepreneurial gene she inherited from her parents that led her into the agency business. Her agency, Lilla Rogers Studio, has sold art for products worth over $200 million. But what I love most about Lilla is that she is a true champion of women, especially those in business.

Personally, as a co-founder of MakeArtThatSells.com (MATS) with Lilla, I am honoured to call her both business partner and friend, and am excited to co-teach with Lilla on our upcoming MATS MBA (Money BadAss) money course for creative people, starting on August 13. This episode is full of sparkling gems of wisdom for living a creative life and making a living doing it, from someone who has been around the block and back again. Get ready to be inspired!

Tina Chantrey


On mindful running and how it helped her heal after divorce

For many many people, running is more than just a sport. It’s time alone, it’s meditation, it’s pushing your body and mind to its limits or it’s connecting with a tribe of people who love it too. It might be all of those things and more.

For one runner and sports journalist Tina Chantrey, Editor of Women’s Running magazine, running is a coping mechanism and stress reliever that has pushed Tina through difficult times – getting divorced and navigating a new life as a single mum.

Whether you’re a novice runner or a marathon lover, this interview with Tina will highlight just how important it is to find what it is that releases stress within you and practice it day after day. If you’ve been intrigued about how running might be able to help you but aren’t sure how to keep it up or get started, listen in for lots of tips on what you may be doing wrong. It all starts with reframing your thoughts about what “running” is and what you’re expecting of yourself…

Pete Mosley


On the art of shouting quietly

Are you a quiet soul trying to sell your craft in a noisy world? Have you always wanted to establish yourself as a thought leader but think your introversion or inner-fears may be holding you back? My guest on today’s show proves that there is strength in introversion – you don’t have to shout loudly to make an impact or gain custom.

Pete Mosley is the author of The Art Of Shouting Quietly, a book that shows you how to see your quietness, introversion or lack of confidence as a strength, and work with the right communication channels that will help you shine and authentically connect with the world.

Join us in this episode where we talk about  challenging inner voices that hold us back, finding and owning the environments that make us come alive, and using your introversion as a competitive advantage.

Mary-Anne Wagner


On healing your soul

Allow me to introduce you to a woman with a very unique, extraordinary view of life thanks to a particular special gift. Mary-Anne Wagner does what is called ‘soul counselling’, communicating with the souls of loved ones and/or animals past and present to share messages you need to hear to find peace in your life.

She can even invite your own soul to connect with her, to show her what it most wants you to know. And when she passes on what she has been shown, it feels like something you knew deep down, but perhaps ignored, or turned away from, or allowed to be shouted down by noisier things in your life. Many people have found what she tells them brings them great comfort after experiencing trauma or loss. I think she is magical.

Mary-Anne’s personal story is compelling and the wisdom she has gained from this unusual ‘career’ is incredibly important.

I simply had to invite Mary-Anne onto the podcast to find out more about how she discovered this gift, how she has helped others heal, and what we can all learn from the recurring themes that she has been witness to. Don’t miss this:

Pia Jane Bijkerk


On unleashing your creativity

There is beauty, creativity and purpose inside each and every one of us. Yes, we get days where our sparkle is dulled, but by breathing into it, understanding who you are and what’s important to you, will help you bounce back with the vivacity you’ve always had. My next guest Pia Jane Bijkerk knows all about helping creative people to slow their minds and listen to their hearts.

Pia is a stylist, photographer, author and creative mentor and down she is also a wanderer, a philosopher and a seeker of beauty. I can’t wait for her to share with you the creative, guiding principles she lives by which allows her to unleash magic across the world every day. Listen in for a real dose of creative energy.

Kathe Crawford


On revealing your secrets

Kathe Crawford lived a secret life for three decades before finally discovering how different life can be when you open up to your truth. Kathe’s story is a deeply moving and a huge lesson to every one of us.

Listen in to hear the remarkable journey of a woman who set herself free by following her truth, and the difficult but necessary journey that followed as she revealed her secret. It will inspire you to release any secrets that have been weighing you down, and embrace the most authentic version of yourself.

Karen Darke


On finding your quest and striving for inner gold

When Karen Darke was 10 years old, she decided she would climb all 3000ft of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. She did so nearly 25 decades years later, even though she has been in a wheelchair since a rock climbing accident at the age of 21. She spent five days hoisting herself up the rockface and spent the nights on ledges in the cliff.

This is just one example of extraordinary bravery and perseverance by Karen, who became Paralympic Champion in hand-cycling at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. She says “Life has taught me the importance of holding tight to belief, and never, ever giving up.” I invited her onto the show to share more about her amazing attitude to life, and what we can all learn from her about resilience, perseverance and possibility.

Alexandra Franzen


On surviving career curveballs and the setbacks of self-employment

Do you ever have days when things don’t go your way? When you get rejected? Challenged? Frustrated by your boss? When a job interview goes badly? Or you get a bad review, or suffer an online troll experience, or any other kind of horrible thing like that? Of course you do, because we all do. It’s part of the human experience, and when you put creative work out in the world you can multiply the number of times it happens by about 100.

But that isn’t reason enough to give up. Sometimes it’s simply an indication that something needs tweaking or your trajectory needs shifting, or the timing could be better etc, (and sometimes people are just mean). However, saying that doesn’t make it any easier, so I decided to invite Alexandra Franzen onto the podcast to share some of her wisdom around keeping going when soul-crushing things happen.

My conversation with the wonderful Alexandra Franzen will give you the energy to march forward with your creative projects again.

Rebecca Hughes


On Giving yourself permission to explore

Do you crave unexpected adventure in your life? Have you shied away from risk and got too comfortable in the way you live, work and play? Today’s episode with Women’s Adventure Expo co-founder Rebecca Hughes is sure to get you fired up and curious about how to bring adventure into your daily routine.

Josie Adams


On How her dream turned into her path to entrepreneurial success

After meeting in Japan in 2013, Josie and Tom (Josie’s partner) set up The Coffee Gondola, a completely mobile gondola serving fine coffee in the mountains.

The business began as a dream Josie had and has ever since gone from strength to strength. This episode is a fascinating story for anyone who fears their dreams could be too far from reality. Listen in, you will go away making plans and taking action.

Sam Reynolds


On Surviving cancer three times and the importance of radical self care

Sam is an inspiration, a three times cancer survivor who founded Sam’s Spaces, a network for people finding their way after cancer. After our fateful meeting (I share the story on the show!) I was so blown away by Sam’s story that I interviewed her for my book Freedom Seeker and was wholly moved by her strength and light. 

I’m delighted to have Sam on the show today to talk more about the healing process after experiencing trauma. We go deep into why we need to make radical self-care at the forefront of everything we do.

Kerry Roy


On How redundancy helped her escape

What do you do when what feels like the unthinkable has happened? You’ve been issued redundancy, you’re out of a job, and you’re afraid you won’t have the financial support you need to pay you mortgage, bills and support your family. In this episode I talk to a free spirited Yorkshire lass, Kerry Roy, who found herself at risk of redundancy, lost her job but didn’t lose her way.

Jess Van Den


On Making an income from the things you create

Many creatives dream of turning the items they make into a profitable business that can support their lifestyles so they are free to do work they love from wherever they desire. For one lady, this dream is an ongoing reality and she strives to help other makers profit from their talents and live a life that’s true to them too.

Ben Keene


On Risk, Family Commitments + Starting a Business

Do you have an idea to start your own business or become self-employed? Perhaps you have many ideas?Do you have a family to support or big financial commitments that tell you working for yourself is not an option? If so, I need to introduce you to Ben Keene. A Freedom Seeker at his very core…

Theresa Reed


On Living Intuitively

How often do you use your intuition to make a decision? Are you missing a trick by not trusting your gut enough? That’s the topic we got talking around in this episode – why leading with your intuition is the key to happy, balanced, free life for you and those around you.

Nicola Moss


On Living + Working Slowly

Do you feel an immense need to exhale and slow down, taking a step back from work and life obligations? Or do you know somebody else who is at risk of burnout? If you need to press the pause and reset button, I am deeply excited for you to listen to this episode with Nicola Moss.

Lisa Moncrieff


On Motherhood, Mountains + the Meaning of Life

Lisa is a doting mum to Rosie, a little girl born with an incurable life-limiting muscle disorder and we are delighted to be able to share their story with you today. Lisa writes an inspiring blog and is practicing life coaching to help families of disabled children find freedom, positivity and happiness. She also climbs mountains and runs marathons to raise money for charity, and in today’s episode, she explains how she realized the true meaning of life.

Ruth Anslow


On How to find your true life’s calling

We often live out our lives on the path we thought was right for us when we left school. So many of us have the experience of recognising what we are good at, and what brings in the money, and following some version of that path in the hope that it is a route to happiness. But what happens when you get the business card, the flash car, the beautiful home and have plenty left over for fun… but don’t feel happy? What if you’re left craving something more?

Steph Jagger


On bucket lists, goal setting + listening to your heart

What is the smallest thing you can do now to follow your heart? Think about it. Write it down if you like.

This is just one of the many questions of wisdom my guest Steph Jagger plants on us in today’s episode. Steph is the author of Unbound, a story of snow and self-discovery and she’s helped women the world over define who it is they want to BE and what they need to DO to get there.