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I do love a good chat about life, the Universe and everything (and often my books, and the writing life...)

Podcast + radio interviews


The Mojo Sessions with Gary Bertwhistle

The Mojo Sessions are “conversations with the world’s most interesting people”. In this podcast we explored:

  • Japan beneath the surface
  • Travelling through ideas
  • Living a perfectly imperfect life

This was one of my favourite ever interviews. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.


Shelf Help with Toni Jones

Exploring life beyond lockdown

  • Why going back to ‘normal’ isn’t something to aspire to
  • The Wabi Sabi philosophy that everything is impermanent
  • How making peace with change can open up a new world of possibilities
  • The yin and yang energy of the great slow down due to the pandemic and the powerful uprising of the Black Lives Matter movement
  • How words and writing can be heal in a crisis
  • Why anxiety right now is completely normal
  • How we must create space in our lives to let good things come in
  • The power of asking ourselves: what if this is happening FOR me not TO me?

The Slow Home Podcast with Brooke McAlary

Exploring the slow way of wabi sabi

  • The transformative power of wabi sabi
  • Slowing down
  • Finding contentment

Mothering the Mother with Alison Barker

On finding your way in times of change

  • Looking at getting back to health and beyond the news stories
  • Imagining a new world
  • Dealing with uncertainty – Illusory nature of reality – life is never certain but this period is lifting the veil
  • Going inwards during this time
  • How we can take lessons learnt to move forward into living in the world we want
  • How Beth is balancing work and motherhood with the lockdown

Connected Hearts podcast

On being in this together

  • How to find hope and opportunity in difficult times
  • Reimagining life after the pandemic
  • On noticing the magic

Informed Choice Radio with Martin Bamford

On life beyond the pandemic

  • How to turn this challenge into an opportunity
  • How to connect with others when we are being forced to stay apart
  • Finding hope in dark times

Calm Moment with Sarah Orme (the podcast from In The Moment Magazine)

On having a calm Christmas

  • Easing the pressure of Christmas
  • Staying calm during the festivities
  • Creating your own version of a meaningful Christmas

Nature & Nourish with Becky O’Cole

Taking care of yourself at Christmas

  • How to have a calm, intentional Christmas
  • Mindful gifting
  • Festive traditions
  • Celebrating New Year

Connected Hearts podcast

On having a calm Christmas

  • Christmas disasters
  • Reconnecting with what Christmas means to you
  • Holiday poems

Mothering the Mother with Alison Barker

Christmas through the eyes of a mother

  • A new approach to Christmas
  • Reducing the expectations we put on ourselves
  • How to use the time between Christmas and the New Year to create a vision for the year ahead

The Digested Podcast from Readers Digest Magazine

On how to stay calm during Christmas

  • How to remain calm and mindful
  • How to use this time of natural hibernation to geminate new dreams

The Kitchen Cafe (BBC Radio Scotland) with Gillian Russell

  • On Christmas food and stress-free entertaining

Personal Best (BBC Radio Scotland) with Gillian Russell

  • On creating the Christmas you want

Courage & Spice with Sas Petherick

For humans with self-doubt

  • Life lessons inspired by Japanese wisdom, gathered throughout a twenty-year love affair with Japan
  • How to sink into your own wisdom
  • How to follow the labyrinth of life
  • How to embrace the perfection in imperfection

Calm Moment with Sarah Orme

On wabi sabi

  • How to appreciate life’s small moments
  • Life lessons from Japan
  • Acceptance of impermanence

There Are Other Ways with Fiona Barrows

Finding other ways to live

  • The wisdom of Japanese philosophy
  • Living a more perfectly imperfect life

The Creative Superheroes Podcast with Andrea Scher

Exploring wabi sabi

  • On wabi sabi
  • On authentic living
  • On superpowers

Inspired by Humans: The Dharma Podcast with Kitty Waters

On life and other things

  • Fearless moments of transition
  • Doing what you love
  • Book deals
  • What we can learn from Japanese culture

The Spiritual Queen’s Badass Podcast with Emma Mumford

  • On finding freedom through acceptance

BBC Radio Scotland Personal Best with Gillian Russell

Different cultural approaches to health and wellbeing

Can my 11 year old fix my life? (BBC Radio 4 documentary)

Arthur is eleven, likes dinosaurs and plays the cello. Arthur’s dad Babak is 40, an artist and a former musician. His most successful artistic endeavour was when he collected twigs and sold them on eBay for £62.

As his self-deprecating social media posts suggest, Babak Ganjei doesn’t have the best outlook on life. He makes prints that state, “I’m in the bush and I really love you” and, “I regret the divorce.” One exhibition is optimistically titled “Everything is really bad and it’s only going to get worse and this is the most perfect time”.

Arthur thinks his Dad should go for more runs, worry less and get a cat. Arthur also thinks it’s time his Dad learned how to ride a bike.

In 2019, the importance of self-care is everywhere. Self-help books, wellness conferences and therapist offices – telling people how to help themselves is a significant business. For three weeks, Arthur’s 11-year-old mind imaginatively tries to fix his Dad’s life. Wabi Sabi is one of the books he chooses to help him.

A BBC Radio 4 documentary special.

Vibrant Happy Women with Jen Riday

On Finding freedom when you feel trapped by life

“Do you ever feel trapped by your busy life? Desperate for a little more freedom? Beth Kempton felt the same way. While pregnant with her second child Beth found herself completely burnt out and feeling trapped by her busy schedule. Beth arranged her affairs as they say, and took a 5-month break to relax. During this time she did a lot of thinking and figured out the 8 keys to finding freedom, which she shares with us in this episode.”

The Create & Thrive podcast with Jess Van Den

On seeking freedom and thriving in your creative business


The Unshakeable Self-Confidence podcast with Billy J Atwell

On how to listen to our intuition and not let fear prevent us from living our fullest lives. Listen in and you will learn:

  • How fear prevents us from living our fullest lives, and what to do about it.
  • That our relationship with fear often changes over time and what this means for you.
  • How to become more brave and bold in all parts of your life.

Informed Choice Radio with Martin Bamford

On finding freedom

Hay House Radio ‘I can do it hour’ with Diane Ray

Exploring what freedom means to you

Hay House UK spotlight with Janey Lee Grace

Live more and worry less

Explore the Extraordinary with Anita Moorjani

Exploring how to make the most of your precious life

Personal Best (BBC Radio Scotland) with Gillian Russell

On seeking freedom