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Podcast appearances

I love chatting and sharing stories and insights on other people’s podcasts. Here are a few recent favourites:

If you have access to the Hay House Radio archives, you can also hear me on Diane Ray’s ‘I Can Do It Hour’,  Janey Lee-Grace’s ‘Hay House UK Spotlight‘ and Anita Moorjani’s Explore the Extraordinary.

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Personal Best on BBC Radio Scotland, September 4 with Gillian Russell

The Freedom Seeker Chronicles (my very own podcast series, launching very soon – Hop on my mailing list or follow me on Instagram @bethkempton to hear when it goes live!)


If you’re interested in having me on your podcast, please drop me a line!

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Do you ever feel like some people have all the luck? Like those colleagues who keep getting promoted ahead of you, or that particular friend who always seems to fall on her feet, in love and life? All the while, the rest of us never win anything, our relationships are often a disaster and when something bad happens we think, “Typical, just my luck.”

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Freedom Seeker is now available as an audiobook, read by me! You can get your copy here.