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Steph Jagger



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What is the smallest thing you can do now to follow your heart? Think about it. Write it down if you like.

This is just one of the many questions of wisdom my guest Steph Jagger plants on us in today’s episode. Steph is the author of Unbound, a story of snow and self-discovery and she’s helped women the world over define who it is they want to BE and what they need to DO to get there. Listen in for the next 40 mins of exploration where we talk about everything from battling fear, the pros and cons of setting goals, and how to find stillness and solitude to allow golden thoughts and plans emerge.

Key Moments:

[3m 15s] Steph begins by telling us how she quit her life and chased the snow

[7m 35s] The typical things that hold us back from making big changes we want

[8m 50s] The things that held Steph back from her dreams initially and her approach to overcoming each

[10m 30s] Steph shares what your outlook should be if your dreams feel unattainably epic

[13m 05s] Why having one clear goal helped Steph gain clarity and belief

[15m 20s] Once you successfully achieve your goal, what do you do next? Steph’s frustrations when people ask her this question

[17m 0s] The new question Steph asks herself on completion of her goals – “Am I being called to this”?

[19m 10s] On goal setting and why we set ourselves up for failure

[21m 30s] Steph reflects on how publishing her book Unbound has become a master lesson in her life

[24m 45s] How Steph discovered her moment of transformation 5 years ago and how she feels when she shares her story over and over again in press gatherings, at events etc.

[27m 0s] Steph reflects on why writing a memoir has everything – and nothing – to do with her

[28m 40s] What kind of pressure comes with securing a highly paid writing deal (the answer might surprise you)

[30m 30s] Why Steph is writing her next book giving her intuition complete control

[33m 40s] How Steph has carved out time to intentionally slow down following her book launch, and make space for her next book

[35m 30s] The importance of ‘quietness’ for the emergence of ideas and rejuvenation

[36m 40s] The fears Steph has as she moves onto the next chapter of her life and how she’s silencing those thoughts

[41m 0s] Steph shares advice for those nearing retirement age who want to get outside their comfort zone

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