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Kerry Roy



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What do you do when what feels like the unthinkable has happened? You’ve been issued redundancy, you’re out of a job, and you’re afraid you won’t have the financial support you need to pay you mortgage, bills and support your family. In this episode I talk to a free spirited Yorkshire lass, Kerry Roy, who found herself at risk of redundancy, lost her job but didn’t lose her way.

Kerry used her redundancy notice to hatch her escape plan, combining running a successful Glamping, Wedding and Events business with feeding her addiction for travel and adventure. Always determined to fulfil her dreams, seek new opportunities, travel often and be forever grateful for the wonderful journey of life’s explorations we are given, in listening to Kerry’s story you will be filled with motivation to bring your dream to life whatever unfair deal may be thrown at you along the way.

Kerry Roy is the founder and creative behind events company Camp Katur. Camp Katur is an ‘Off Grid’ glamping site in Yorkshire, set within a beautiful 250 Acre english country estate with something to offer everyone.

Enjoy the show!

Key moments:

[1m 0s] How Kerry dealt with the disappointment of her redundancy notice and instead made it a positive thing

[5m 0s] How Kerry juggled finances when she began the road to opening her own business

[7m 0s] Kerry discovered her calling, hear how

[8m 0s] How the support of Kerry’s partner, Dave, helped her make breakthroughs

[9m 0s] Building a power team of friends and family who helped start Kerry’s business

[10m 30s] Kerry’s attitude to ‘risk’ when curveballs are thrown her way

[11m 30s] The story behind Kerry’s business name, Camp Katur

[13m 0s] Kerry’s mission for Camp Katur, how she looks after her customers and ensures their escape from routine

[16m 0s] Key ways Kerry makes time and space for herself while juggling business efforts day to day

[20m 0s] How she balances work, life and travel – some great tips here

[22m 0s] What’s next for Kerry and Dave, their exciting plans to move to the mountains

[25m 0s] How Kerry and Dave work as a couple in aligning each other’s dreams

[27m 30s] Kerry’s amazing visualization for her future

[29m 30s] The challenges and fears Kerry faces on her next chapter…


Where to find Kerry:

Website: www.campkatur.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CampKatur

Pinterest: www.pinterest.co.uk/campkatur

Instagram: www.instagram.com/camp_katur