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Rebecca Hughes



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Do you crave unexpected adventure in your life? Have you shied away from risk and got too comfortable in the way you live, work and play? Today’s episode with Women’s Adventure Expo co-founder Rebecca Hughes is sure to get you fired up and curious about how to bring adventure into your daily routine.

In this episode, we discuss the two different types of adventure seekers. There’s the sporty, thrill-seeking adventurer who challenges herself physically and mentally, and there’s the “urban explorer” adventurer who’s curiosity leads to twists and turns in business and life.

Which one are you?

Listen in and hear why Rebecca believes all women should give themselves permission to explore, live bravely and surround themselves with a community of likeminded souls.

Enjoy the show!

Key Moments:

[2m 30s] Rebecca tells us what the word adventure means to her and decribes the two different types of adventurers in the world

[5m 35s] What Rebecca has learned through being an urban explorer

[7m 0s] Moments when Rebecca felt trapped and her work life lacked adventure, and what she did to bring freedom back to her every day

[9m 40s] Rebecca’s thoughts on risk and why it’s essential for living and learning

[12m 0s] We chat about wild camping and how it’s a great break to experience a healthy pace of life

[14m 30s] How Rebecca has brought her children up with adventure at their core

[17m 0s] Rebecca’s advice for encouraging your children to climb

[20m 05s] How Rebecca’s business the Women’s Adventure Expo came to exist

[24m 25s] Rebecca’s business mission, core values and how they structured the business as a CIC Social Enterprise model

[25m 50s] The mix of adventure seekers who attend Rebecca’s events – some enormously sporty and physically brave, some less physical adventure seekers, explorers, and mummy adventurers

[29m 55s] How Rebecca feels when she is around women in her community who have such ‘can do’ attitudes

[32m 10s] Why women should unite to create communities and the importance of having other women in your life who empower you

[32m 50s] What Rebecca says to people who make finances the blocker for doing the adventures they love doing

[37m 0s] Beth asks Rebecca “What does Freedom mean to you?”

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